Photo: Nikola Radovani

Anatomy of Islands

Anatomy of Islands is an association that, during its ten year operation on the island of Vis and Lastovo, held 10 expert international symposia accompanied by workshops and offered an innovative concept of dealing with island topics and promoting various modalities of sustainable development of island communities.On Hvar, the association will continue with the same practice and improve it, by focusing on the participation of the local population through designed and planned workshops of external stakeholders who already have experience in the methodology of working with the locals of an area. In this segment, cooperation will take place within JAB, in the processes of researching local contexts and using the collected knowledge in artistic productions.

Photo: Dejan Krstić

Dejan Krstić

Dejan Krstić is an artist and psychologist from Novi Sad who, through his drawing practice, applies the method of psychodrama in his work with portraits, applying motifs to large drawing formats. A frequent byproduct of his works are videos, photographs, text and sound recordings. As part of the JAB2023, Dejan will collaborate on the leadership of the pedagogical program for teenagers.

Photo: Garaža Kamba


The Kružok Association is an organization that operates in the field of visual art, education and the development of interdisciplinarity in programs that deal with creating opportunities for action and increasing visibility for young artists and curators, as well as conducting educational programs for all ages, with the aim of bringing contemporary art practices closer to the general public. In the activities it carries out in urban and rural areas and abroad, the emphasis is primarily on experiential learning and educational programs whose methodology is based on non-linear narratives and socially responsible topics. As part of JAB, they have been cooperating since its inception and with such activities they have continuity of work with the community.