The Great Sonja Ritz Show

Eva Müller
Fabian Lanzmaier 
Daniela Bjelobradić


“The Great Sonja Ritz Show” is a durational performance that deals with the nature of memory, the moodiness of memory and the fluidity of one’s own biography in a humorous and bizarre way. Echoes of memory are generated from fictitious or real narratives, moving images and the manipulation of artefacts, and in an abstract, humorous way an interweaving of past, present and future emerges.

The performance plays with how we individually use our imagination and creativity to create our memories. The audience is invited to watch or to interact with the performers themselves.

“The Great Sonja Ritz Show” is an unusual journey through time through the lens of a fictional life.

The Laundresses

Ola Korbańska (PL)

Performance / installation

As an activity, making laundry has a heavily feminized past. For time immemorial it was a female profession and in many southern European cities special areas were designated for this, constituting socially important spaces for women’s communities. In many languages, the word laundress exists only in female form, lacking a male counterpart. According to the European Institute for Gender Equality, women do at least twice as much unpaid housework as men. Some European cities tried to implement the air-drying ban, claiming that in developed, modern metropolis, laundry should be dried by the machines, not breeze, and certainly should not be seen publicly. It became a subject of an aesthetical, ecological, but also gender debate. Drying outside, clothes are transferred from the private sphere of the interior to the public sphere of the streets. Due to this brief but cyclical intrusion into the outside world, drying clothes could be seen as a manifesto of incessant and invisible work carried out by women, becoming, at the same time, a mark of female visibility left in the public space.

Imagining Gardens

Paula Pļavniece (LV) | Andrej Beštak (HR) | Anja Leko (HR) 
Sunčica Bandić
Hugo Baranger
Dora Brkarić
Robert Fenrich
Rebecca Merlić 
Multimedia performance

The garden is not linear, there is a steady time of non happening in order for life to appear. The time of reflection, rest and for things to “soak in “, a period of preparation for what is coming, a time of action. These hidden processes are often neglected and dismissed, but they are a crucial part of life.
If we look at Jelsa as a town of very vivid seasonal flux, the street “kala” is always reimagining and standing in a contrast of the life that is happening at the shore. Kala offers a relaxation point, place to move away from vibrant moving in summer months and we can approach it as possible controlled space as the garden is. The place to accumulate necessary knowledge to produce better future. Garden offers a conscious decision of what to keep and what to leave behind. Constant transformation of existing forms in order the accumulate new ones, also constant mutation of species to the point of non recognition. The question of ever moving world and its traditions and what would be the information we want to keep. Mutation of species to the point of non recognition.