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RE-CONNECT ART l | Tereza Kerle feat. Tomáš Kerle: Divine Matrix

On Sunday, July 23 at 8PM in the space of the JAB Hub, there will be a live broadcast of the performance and multimedia art festival program RE-CONNECT ART.
The streamed performance called Divine Matrix will be performed by Tereza Kerle. The performance will be streamed on a projection screen in JAB Hub (Jelsa 756.)
Re-connect Art International Performance and Multimedia Art Festival: Virtual Body of Society will take place from 13 to 30 July 2023 in public spaces mainly in the centre of Prague (capital of the Czech Republic). In three consecutively launched programme blocks, it will present approximately ten live performances, a section of video installations, and an international showcase of video art works that will be presented on screens and LED panels placed in frequent public places: squares and relaxation zones, libraries, cafés, arcades, shopping, cultural and community centres, railway stations, hospital waiting rooms, etc. The hybrid form of the festival combines the presentation of artworks in public spaces with the possibility of remote participation through live stream. This format was created in response to the conditions brought by the global pandemic crisis, and our vision for the future is to continue developing and adapting contemporary technologies for the arts.
Tereza Kerle conceptualizes the virtual body of society in relation to the energy field. We are currently experiencing a stage of acceleration in the evolution of humanity as both a species and a spiritual community. The transcendence of humanity at the level of the energy field is taking place through awareness and connection to one’s own being and to other parts of the greater whole. It is community and communion that connects us to the energy flows of the planetary system. While energy is outside space and time, and is not an easily graspable, tangible evidence of the changes being experienced, the transformation is manifested in the mental field that transcends the personal plane and therefore responds more flexibly to these changes. Matter is slower, but changes take place on this plane as well.
Tereza Kerle is a performer, a visual and sound artist, a dramaturge, a mindfulness guide and Dzogchen yogi. Recently she has also been involved in land art and garden design in the public space. Tereza uses a variety of tools and techniques (from sound and installation to gardening and ikebana to fire art and Butoh dance), but her artistic approach can be summarized as site-specific. She approaches the site with particular sensitivity and interest in order to find out its past and present, its strengths and problems, and then she decides what artistic means to use. Tereza’s mission is to help guide and connect humanity to the higher realms of consciousness. From fear, co-dependency and insecurity to unconditional Love, abundance and freedom.
Organization in co-production of: LAB852, Sustainable Island association, Kružok Association
Support: Ministry of Culture and media of the Republic of Croatia, Municipality of Jelsa, Jelsa Tourist Board, Prague Biennale.

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