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The Tunnel

Tunnel Golden Hours

When: Every day from 7 pm, from 20-30 June
Where: TUNNEL @ KALA, Monade Gallery

A series of happenings where artists participating in the first residency of JAB23 will be presenting their works in order to get to know each other, create new dynamics of the space, enhance meaning of interactions and, ultimately, enjoy the beauty of the specific site and the specific moment: the golden hour.

The thematic group TUNNEL – de-thinking brings together a group of artists with diverse backgrounds that, in their way and during the 10 days of artistic residency, will get inspired, explore and connect with the local reality of Jelsa, specifically the life of KALA, as a form of artistic research.

TUNNEL – dethinking is a site-specific collaborative artwork in the public space inspired by Jelsa’s life, rhythms and atmospheres, by the daily and nightly flow of people in the KALA and their surroundings. It is the result of an artistic residency program that challenges artists to critically reflect on the relations of space, place, territory, migration, micro-communities, and connection, focusing on practices such as ecological art and care practices. The goal is to connect with local communities and to share knowledge in a collaborative environment allowing co-creation and co-development of the final artwork.

Curator / Mentor: Francisca Rocha Gonçalves

Francisca Rocha Gonçalves is a researcher from Porto, currently living in Berlin. Recently worked on the AQUATAG project at the IGB Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries. Has a background in biological sciences with a degree in Veterinary Medicine from ICBAS (University of Porto), a Multimedia Master in Interactive Music and Sound Design from FEUP (University of Porto), and a PhD in Digital Media from FEUP (University of Porto). The research focuses on acoustic ecology in artistic creation as a tool for environmental awareness concerning underwater soundscapes. Developing artistic artefacts that reveal the problem of noise pollution in underwater environments is possible to understand changes in vibration and particle motion, both vital components in aquatic life.
Combining interests in sound, technology, art and science, it aims to raise societal and environmental awareness through artistic practices and sound art. A great passion for biology and music led to a demand to find synergies between nature and sound. Bridging these two worlds, Francisca attempts to find new musical approaches, not only for musical compositions but also for live performances.
Presently is working for ICARUS, collaborating with Dr Johannes Goessling and Luis Aranda. ICARUS is an arts-science project that focuses on the photonic properties of diatoms and creates upscaled ice sculptures of their internal shells.
Co-founder of the artistic collective Openfield Creative Lab.
Co-founder of Ocean Soundscape Awareness project – ØSAW.


Vana Gaćina
Luana Lojić
Anica Lora Nižić
Helena Rubčić



Organization in co-production of: LAB852, Sustainable Island association
Support: EU program Creative Europe, EU program Culture Moves Europe, Ministry of Culture and media of the Republic of Croatia, Municipality of Jelsa, Jelsa Tourist Board.


TONIGHT @ Monade tunnel

20:00 – 24:00

Tunnel Party

Music by: SINØ vsSebastian Schund

Visuals by: LuAnica

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